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How to Handle a Roofing Emergency

Do you have a major roof leak? You’re now facing a roofing emergency. Acting fast is important during this situation, but what exactly should you do? Our roof replacement experts have a few pointers to keep you on track.

Contain the Leak

Roof leaks can cause serious moisture damage to your home. The first thing you should do is to try and contain the leak. Use buckets to catch water coming through the ceiling and cover your furniture and walls with plastic.

Track the Problem

Depending on the severity and the location of the leak, you may be able to identify where the problem is. However, in most cases, the source of the leak isn’t directly above where the water from your ceiling is actually seeping through. Gather as much info as possible so you can give the roof repair experts a head start in figuring out the issue.

Prepare to File Your Insurance Claim

Repairing a damaged roof will take a lot of resources, so you should start preparing your insurance claim ASAP. You may also want to check if your roof is still covered by its service warranty to further reduce the overall cost of the repair.

Make Way for the Pros

Emergency roof repair usually requires roofers to bring in a lot of materials and equipment. If there are too many things in the way, fixes can be delayed. Shingle and metal roofing experts recommend moving furniture or other objects away from the location of the leak so the roofers can work unimpeded.

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