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What To Do If Your Slate Or Tile Roof Has Hail Damage?

The insurance claims process can be complicated and stressful for many homeowners. Especially for those with boutique-style roof systems (slate, clay tile, concrete tile, copper, etc.). Many contractors and adjusters alike are simply not qualified to assess and designate appropriate recommendations for these situations. Tile manufacturers, code requirements, and installation guidelines are much more strict and stringent when dealing with slate & clay. Repairability is to be considered along with a number of other variables that should be taken into account during the inspection. Follow these steps to help make sure you get the appropriate outcome for your home’s evaluation.

– Investigate the company. A general rule of thumb when considering a
company is to call references and go look at projects. If a contractor can’t show you their work, it’s a red flag.

– Make sure you have a qualified contractor selected to meet your insurance
adjuster during their field inspection of your property.

– Allow your contractor to submit an estimate for repairs before the insurance
provides you with one.

– Gather information on the material. Some boutique roof systems hold
salvageable value and can be resold.

– Make sure your contractor understands and has worked with insurance
claims… this will ultimately determine how easy/hard the process will be.

– Don’t walk on it! Slate and Clay tile is designed to be installed and left alone,
walking on these systems during the inspection process is inappropriate and not necessary. In the event roof access is required, slate ladders and hooks should be used to avoid damaging the material.

Should you or someone you know need a professional assessment on a slate or tile roof system in the Charlotte, NC area, call Bee Roofing today!

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