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Signs of Hail Damage to Your Roof

The building was hit by a strong hail storm and ruined the roof shingles.

The roof is an essential component of your property as it protects your home from elements such as wind, insects, and rain. When inclement weather like a hailstorm damages your roof, what starts as a minor issue can evolve into a big problem. Knowing the signs that hail has damaged your roof can help you have quick inspection and repairs to manage the damage and prevent further losses. Acting fast can save tens of thousands of dollars you may have spent fixing avoidable roofing issues.

Factors That Affect the Extent of Hailstorm Damage on Your Roof

While hailstorms are destructive, the extent of their damage can vary. Here are factors that affect the degree and type of damage that a hailstorm can have on your roof:

  • Wind: During a hailstorm, the wind speed and direction can vary. Wind conditions may affect the severity and location of hail impacts on your roof.
  • Density and size: The hailstones’ magnitudes can affect the extent of their damage to your roof. Most hailstones don’t have smooth edges, impacting the type of damage they can cause. Hailstones may be as large as softballs or as small as peas.
  • Building materials: Your roofing materials can absorb hailstone impacts differently. For example, softball-sized hailstones can puncture a roof. Hail may also cause dings on asphalt shingles. The roof’s condition and age can also affect the hailstone damage degree.
  • Barriers: The positioning of natural obstacles and neighboring structures can affect the hailstones’ damage on your roof. For example, tree cover near your property can reduce hailstones’ damage on your roof.


What Hail Damage to Your Roof Can Look Like

You may require a professional roofing inspection to assess roof damage after a hailstorm. Shingles often react differently to hailstorm damage. Here are potential signs of roof damage caused by hail:

Detecting Hailstorm Damage to Your Asphalt Shingle Roof

While many people like roofing materials comprising asphalt due to its versatility and durability, an asphalt shingle roof may be prone to damage from continuous hail hits. The typical signs of hail damage to an asphalt shingle roof may include:

  • After a hailstorm, metal flashing can show various dents in the asphalt shingle.
  • The area in the gutters and around downspouts can show proof of mineral granules detached from your shingles or rolled roofing. Other issues may also cause this occurrence.
  • With an asphalt roof, the place where the granules have been impacted the most by a hailstorm exposes the shingle substrate.
  • Your asphalt material can show signs of tear-shaped, round-shaped, or pitted spots in the area affected by the hailstorm.
  • Bruised or damaged shingles, when not replaced, become water absorbent and funnel water to the decking and underlayment beneath your roofing material.
  • A hailstorm can cause cracks in the asphalt shingle roof, causing water leakage. The water can affect your home’s look and structural integrity.


Detecting Hail Damage to Your Slate Tile Roof

People like slate roofs because they’re elegant and last long. A hailstorm can still damage this sturdy material. Here are potential signs of hail damage to a slate tile roof:

  • Slate tile can be susceptible to breakage until it requires immediate replacement, especially when the hailstones are large, the hailstorm is intense, or the slate tile has pre-existing damage weakening its structure.
  • The holes that hail creates are often clean and crisp with sharp edges. A slate tile roof can also have broken edges or corners denoting hail damage.
  • A slate tile roof can show signs of fractures or punctures within the material. While the slate isn’t broken, it may have various fractures caused by the hail’s impact.


Detecting Hail Damage to Your Metal Roof

Metal shingles are available in different options, including copper, steel, or aluminum. These roofs can be durable for extended periods but can show hail damage. Here are signs of hail damage to your metal roofs:

  • After a hailstorm, the roof’s coating can show damage signs. The “scouring” effect resembles scratch marks on panels, resulting in coating material removal.
  • Depending on the hailstones’ sizes and their traveling speed when crashing into the roof, the metal roof can have large, medium, or minor dents. What can happen when the hail pelts the shingle can cause the panels to have dents with various indentations in the metal.
  • While hail damage can cause cosmetic issues, the roof’s fractures and dents can lead to rust, deteriorating the affected panels. The hailstorm’s severity and the metal roofing material type can determine the damage’s extent.
Worker on a roof with electric drill installing red metal tile on wooden house
Can hail damage to your roof be repaired

Can Hail Damage to Your Roof Be Repaired?

Depending on the damage’s extent, a repair can fix the hail damage. The repair can be as straightforward as repairing a shingle or as comprehensive as replacing the entire roof. This significant difference regarding the appropriate step is why a professional roof inspection is advisable after a hailstorm. A roofer can ascertain the damage’s severity and recommend the proper measures to address it.

What Happens When You Don’t Have an Inspection?

When ignored, roof and shingle damage may become ice dams or leaks. These damages can cause mold growth, rotting wood, and electrical issues. Fixing these problems can cost significant sums and take days or weeks.

For example, mold and wood rot can be challenging to detect until it’s too late. If you’re proactive regarding these potential issues, you may save thousands of dollars and maintain your home in excellent condition.

How Bee Roofing Can Help

The roofing system can be unstable when the hail causes significant damage. While you may observe some signs of roof damage safely from the ground, some evidence can require someone to climb up to the roof to notice. It is safer and more affordable for professionals from Bee Roofing to inspect the roof for hail damage. Our specialists have the necessary equipment and expertise to ensure you get an accurate assessment while guaranteeing everyone’s safety. The inspection can reveal damage you may easily overlook, providing quick resolution and saving significant repair or replacement expenses. Contact us today for a professional roof inspection.

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