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Choosing the Right Roof Color

A roof replacement can greatly improve your home’s appearance as long as you choose the right color for your shingles. With shingles available in so many styles and colors, finding the right option can be difficult.

Tips to Help You Choose an Appealing Roof Color

Consider the Look of the Rest of the Home

For the best results, your roof needs to be part of your home’s color composition. Take a look at your home’s exterior elements and choose a roof color that complements them. For example, a red brick house will look fantastic with black, dark brown, or deep gray shingles. Beige or cream-colored houses look good with warm gray or brown shingles.

Aim for Color Variation

You should aim for a bit of color variation when choosing your asphalt shingles. Shingles that are just one exact color look flat once they are installed. You want shingles that have very slight variations in color to give the roof some dimension. As a top choice for roof repair and roof replacement projects in the Charlotte, NC area, we offer our customers premium architectural shingles that have this quality.

Get Enough Samples

Make sure to get large shingle samples before making your final decision. Don’t just choose a roof color from a picture or from a small color chip. You need at least two or more large samples and you need to see these samples under different lighting conditions.

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