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Best Ways to Protect Your Home’s Roof

The roof over your head is an investment. It’s an expensive one, too. Protecting that investment and ensuring you don’t need to pay for a replacement or costly repairs is important—and many homeowners don’t realize that before it’s too late.

Keep the Gutters Clean

Every home has a gutter system. It’s the best way to prevent a roof leak or significant water damage during heavy rainfall. As such, it’s important to keep your gutter system clean and free of debris. If you fail to perform regular maintenance on your gutters, you’ll notice moisture and humidity penetrate the roofing system. Eventually, you’ll wind up with rot, mold, and roof leaks.

Visual Inspections

On occasion, perform a visual inspection of your roof. You don’t even need to climb up on a ladder. Simply walk around the exterior of your home and check for signs of damage.

You want to check for missing or damaged shingles, normal wear and tear, or flashing damage. At the same time, watch for signs of rodent or pest damage. You’ll notice shredding or rotting on the roofing material, which is a giveaway that you have unwanted guests.

Trim Branches

A low-hanging tree too close to your roof is a recipe for disaster. During a severe storm, that branch is liable to snap off and collapse your roof. The resulting damage may be minor, or it might be significant. Either way, it’s a risk you can eliminate now.

Furthermore, an overgrown branch is an open invitation for a number of rodents who would love access to your home’s roof and attic. It’s important to keep a ten-foot clearing between any nearby branches and your home’s roof.

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