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3 Signs of an Aging Roof

Most roofing systems can last for decades on end as long as they’re properly maintained and repaired as soon as issues are spotted. However, even if you take care of them, there will come a time when you’ll need to call for a roof replacement project. Even if an aging roof doesn’t show any signs of issues on the surface, there may be a lot of hidden signs underneath that can only be uncovered by a thorough inspection.

Shingle Curling

Since asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing options on the market, here is one issue that they commonly encounter as they age. As the asphalt shingles are exposed to the elements, this causes some of the layers to expand and contract faster than the others, leading to the layers peeling off. This is also known as curling which can worsen over time, and lead to other issues such as roof leaks.

Cracked or Crusty Sealant

Keep in mind that your sealant and caulking is usually applied between the gaps to prevent water from seeping into your roof. In turn, this prevents roof leaks and other serious issues from occurring. However, over years of sustained exposure to the elements, your sealant can start to crack, and it won’t be able to keep moisture out. Having a well-functioning sealant reduces your need for roof repair projects and ensures that you get the most out of your roofing system.

Damaged Underlayment

Even if your roof looks functional on the surface, time might have caught up to it if you take a look beneath the surface. You might see that your rubber underlayment might have become brittle and damaged, without the exterior showing any signs of damage.

Also, it’s worth noting that your insurance provider can increase your insurance premiums if you have a dated roofing system, or in extreme cases, drop your coverage.

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